Spiral AI Art with Control Net

In this extensive guide, we'll unravel the step-by-step intricacies of using ControlNet Stable Diffusion to embed patterns, words, shapes, or imagery within AI-generated images. We will start by recreating the spiral town example from Reddit user u/Ugleh with Odyssey to help you create mesmerizing spiral AI art.

If you are new to Odyssey, refer to our essential guides to getting started with Odyssey here.

Step 1 - Importing a Spiral into Odyssey

Drag any size image into Odyssey. We will manipulate the image using Odyssey to ensure it's compatible with Stable Diffusion. We used this one:

black and white spiral

Step 2 - Adjusting Image Resolution for Control Net Compatibility

For optimal results with Stable Diffusion and ControlNet, it's crucial to use images with a resolution of 512 x 512 pixels. Utilize Odyssey to set the aspect ratio to 1:1 and then resize the image to 512 x 512. If you're image's resolution is too low, drag in a Super Resolution node.

Importing a spiral into Odyssey for ControlNet tutorial

Step 3 - Preparing the Image for Stable Diffusion and Control Net

Transform the image to serve as an acceptable input for Stable Diffusion. Typically, this entails creating a distinct black and white image without any background interference. This step is crucial for producing high-quality ControlNet outputs.

Manipulating a spiral for use with Control Net and Stable Diffusion

Step 4 - Linking the Image to the QR Code Input

To achieve this effect, we are using ControlNet's QR Code Monster model.

Drag the Stable Diffusion node onto the canvas then connect the image to the QR code input. On the right hand side, there are a number of settings you can control. A good starting point for this type of effect is:

Steps: 50

Guidance scale : 4

Seed: Random

Conditioning start: 0

Conditioning end: 0.7

Conditioning strength: ~2.0

Conditioning guidance: ~10

The conditioning inputs will dramatically impact the image output and are quite sensitive. If you are getting inconsistent results, use these sliders to impact the effect.

Step 5 - Adding a Prompt and a Starting Image (Optional)

One of the advantages of Odyssey is the option to use the SDXL API node to generate a starting image. While you can create incredible images with just prompts, leveraging the SDXL model lets you more granularly control the results.

In this example, I connect the starting image and set the influence quite high at 0.75.

Executing the ControlNet model to create Spiral AI Art

Step 6 - Run the Model

AI generated village with a spiral in the background

You can change the conditioning strength and guidance to alter how clear the spiral pattern will appear within the image. Let's look at a few more examples with stronger conditioning.

Impact of Control Net conditioning on AI spiral art

Further Exploration

This tutorial provides a foundational understanding of creating AI Art using ControlNet and Stable Diffusion. The techniques learned here can be applied to various patterns and prompts, opening the door to endless creative possibilities with ControlNet AI.

Discover how to create stunning Spiral AI Art using ControlNet and Stable Diffusion with our step-by-step tutorial. Dive deep into the functionalities of ControlNet 1.1 and learn how to manipulate images effectively using Odyssey.