AI for Marketers: How Marketers Can Leverage AI Workflows

Artificial Intelligence, and specifically generative AI like large language models and generative image models, have the potential to revolutionize entire industries. In many places, especially tech, this revolution has already started. What was once time consuming and manual can now be automated at a scale that, in the past, would have taken countless hours or a massive staff.

In that sense, anyone that’s marketing a business and leverages AI early (and it is still early) will ostensibly have super powers. They’ll be able to scale their work, test different methods, speed up research, and grow their skillsets just by using the right tools and workflows.

There are three key areas we expect will be revolutionized:

  • Research - research is time consuming, monotonous, and, unless you’re a giant nerd, kind of a bore. We're giant nerds so mostly enjoy it - but AI certainly makes it easier

  • Analysis and Optimization - when you’re building a marketing strategy, there are always an infinite number of things to test. Leveraging AI to analyze your results can help you optimize a campaign faster than ever before

  • Content creation & scaling - AI models are perfect companions for creating, testing, and scaling content


The first step toward creating a compelling marketing campaign is understanding your target audience. AI’s ability to analyze a large amount of data can help with this immensely. With Odyssey’s batch text node, you can upload documents and feed them into an LLM. This means you can digest or process large swaths of data like trend reports, Baynard research reports, and more to understand what types of interests your target audience might have and the type of content or positioning you should include in your campaign.

Another workflow we find really valuable here is Odyssey’s Chat with Website workflow (click here to download for free.)

This workflow lets you enter the URL of any site and then grab a summary of the site as well as ask that site questions. You can do this with competitor sites, sites you admire, or even your own landing page to glean insights on the audience you’re targeting and how you’re preparing. For this example, we asked ChatGPT to tell us how to better position Odyssey for Gen Z.

Analysis and Optimization

We use AI models to analyze performance and usage data all the time for Odyssey and it’s a great way to understand what’s working or what isn’t working with our marketing campaigns. While these AI tools are increasingly being built into whatever marketing platform you’re using, there’s often data that you need to look at with more manual methods. This is where Odyssey can help. Simply use Odyssey’s Batch (text) node to upload a CSV and ask your LLM to serve as a data analyst. We also do things like send an LLM marketing text and ask it to optimize the writing or even port over blog posts, a list of SEO keywords, and ask for help optimizing the content to make it better appear on search engines.

Content creation & scaling

Creating compelling content for your marketing campaigns is always a challenge. Luckily, it’s also something that generative AI is extremely well-suited to help with. Here are a few ways we use AI workflows to speed up marketing content creation:

  • Copywriting - write social media captions, website copy, headlines, and more with an LLM. Whether you’re starting from scratch or have some idea of what you want your copywriting to be, you can use an LLM to either rewrite or help you brainstorm new ideas. (Click here to download for free.)

  • Create a press release - I don’t know about you but one of the things I hate the most about marketing Odyssey is doing outreach. AI can definitely assist here by helping you to choose the right language or format for a press release. (Click here to download for free.)

  • Logo creator (coming soon) - If you’re just starting out, or looking for alternate treatments for a logo, leveraging generative AI to create a logo is a great place to start

  • Embed a logo (click here to learn more) - this workflow lets you take an existing logo and embed it or change the styling around it create something entirely new. We love this type of content for an Instagram feed, a site, or just a creative exploration around your brand

Are you a marketer interested in exploring the world of AI? Odyssey is an incredibly easy and powerful way to get started supercharging your campaigns. So what are you waiting for? Click here to try Odyssey for free.