Utility node

The Sequencer node iterates through a list of items, such as images, at a fixed interval, allowing for the display of multiple items at each interval. This is achieved through the node's 'window', which defines the number of items shown simultaneously, and the 'stride', which determines the distance from the current window of items. This node offers a complex and dynamic way to cycle through a series of images or scenes, creating a layered and multifaceted transition effect.

Importance: The Sequencer node is crucial for creating intricate and engaging transitions where multiple images or scenes are presented in a controlled sequence. It adds depth and complexity to the visual narrative, making transitions more than just a simple change of scenes.

Use Cases: Ideal for complex presentations or storytelling where showing a progression or a range of related images in sequence adds to the narrative. It's also useful in creating dynamic slideshows or animations where multiple elements need to be displayed in an organized yet captivating manner.