Screenshot of the holistic edges node.

Holistic Edges

Images node

The Holistic Edges node uses Holistic Edge Detection (HED) to draw edges with softer, less crisp outlines, providing a unique artistic representation of an image. This approach is suitable for creating stylized versions of photographs, artistic renderings, or when a softer, more illustrative effect is desired. Holistic Edges is particularly effective as a ControlNet input for Stable Diffusion images.

Importance: In digital art and graphic design, the ability to vary the edge quality of an image opens up new avenues for creative expression. Holistic Edges offer a more organic and subtle interpretation of an image's contours, which can be more aesthetically pleasing in certain applications and art styles.

Use Cases:

  • An input into Stable Diffusion's ControlNet

  • Digital Artists creating softer, more artistic renditions of photographs

  • Graphic Designers using holistic edges for a unique style in visual content

  • Illustrators integrating this technique to add a softer touch to digital drawings.