Screenshot of the depth map node.

Depth Map

Images node

The Depth Map node creates a grayscale image representing the distance of objects in the original image from the camera. This tool is instrumental in creating depth maps, crucial for advanced image processing and 3D modeling applications. It provides a visual representation of depth information, useful for creating 3D effects, enhancing virtual reality experiences, or in post-processing techniques in photography and film. It's also an effective input into ControlNet for generating AI imagery with Stable Diffusion.

Importance: Depth maps are fundamental in the fields of 3D rendering, virtual reality, and augmented reality, providing essential information for creating realistic 3D environments and effects. This node enables the derivation of depth information from standard 2D images, which enables ControlNet & Stable Diffusion to generate images leveraging an input image's depth map.

Use Cases:

  • Maintaining the depth of an input image in an AI generated image

  • 3D Artists generating depth-based effects in 3D modeling software

  • Virtual Reality Developers creating immersive virtual environments

  • Photographers and Filmmakers enhancing images with 3D post-processing effects.