Batch (Images)

Utility node

The Batch (Images) node streamlines the process of handling multiple images simultaneously. Users can drag and drop a series of images into the Batch node, which then processes them sequentially through various image processing nodes. This functionality is especially useful for applying consistent edits or filters to a collection of images, saving time and ensuring uniformity across all processed images.

Importance: For professionals working with large sets of images, such as photographers, graphic designers, or digital marketers, the Batch node is a crucial time-saver. It automates the repetitive task of processing multiple images one by one, allowing for efficient and consistent image manipulation.

Use Cases:

  • Graphic Designers applying the same adjustments to a series of images for branding purposes

  • Photographers batch-processing event photos for color correction or style consistency

  • E-commerce platforms standardizing product images for their online catalogs